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From Acne to Cancer: Advanced Dermatology Therapy

The skin is considered the largest organ in the body, and it is the focus of the medical field of dermatology. Doctors in this field specialize in treating conditions that


Proper Care for Aging Parents

Are you caring for an aging parent and in need of assistance? Does your aging parent want to remain self-sufficient, but requires more support than you are able to provide


Signs That You Have Sensitive Skin

If you notice that your skin is frequently irritated, you may have skin that is overly sensitive to the environment or the skin care products you use. However, you can


How a Dental Drill Helps During Cleanings

The dental drill is one of the most common dental tools you may encounter during a routine teeth cleaning appointment. While it may look and sound intimidating, it is a


How To Live More Efficiently

Many people feel as if 24 hours a day is not enough, but it can be. With the right motivation, mindset and training, you can maximize those 24 hours to


Understanding Four Common Types of Medical Imaging

Medical imaging or radiology describes the technology used to produce images of the body’s interior that can be used for early detection of health conditions, diagnosis of root causes for