Japanese Beauty Secrets You Need to Try

Japanese beauty products have earned themselves an international following for their high standards of safety and efficacy. From skin-nourishing rituals to revered beauty secrets rooted in tradition yet propelled forward by innovation.

Discover Japanese beauty secrets that can give your complexion a healthy, radiant look – read on!

1. Green Tea

Japanese aren’t simply hooked on green tea lattes – they also regularly drink this antioxidant and metabolism booster to hydrate their skin and combat damage from UV rays, regenerate dying skin cells and reduce inflammation. Its high concentration of catechin polyphenols helps tighten and tighten up pores, combat damage from UV rays and reverse UV damage and reduce inflammation.

Bathing in Japan is more than just a cleansing regimen; it’s considered an integral part of their beauty rituals. They use onsens and public bathhouses (sentos) as sources for mineralized water rich with essential vitamins called kamon that bathers use for exfoliation and soak in, leaving behind soft, radiant complexions. Geishas even use rice water which gradually lightens their complexion over time!

Japanese beauty regimes also utilize camellia oil (tsubaki oil), which contains oleic acids which work well with their own natural oil production, moisturizing both hair and face while also helping prevent frizzing. While Western societies place greater value on having bronzed skin, Japanese believe that having an inner peace and healthy diet brings out radiant vitality that radiates onto one’s appearance.

2. Jade Rollers

Jade rollers have quickly become one of the go-to beauty tools in recent years, beloved by everyone from Vogue magazine editors and Alicia Keys fans to your Tumblr pink-clad roommate raving about its abilities to tone, de-puff and brighten skin. However, while seen as a recent Western innovation for skin care at home, jade rollers are actually an ancient Chinese beauty secret with hundreds of years of history behind it.

These stones can be used to massage the face, enhance circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as deliver oils and moisturizers into pores for softer, smoother complexion and skin. Start by using the larger end to sculpt and firm neck and shoulders before moving on to eyes (using smaller end so as not to cause irritation) nose lips jaw line (putting in refrigerator overnight for extra de-puffing) then nose lips jawline (use smaller end for delicate areas like eyes to avoid irritating delicate skin) nose lips jawline etc – always clean it prior to use so as not to spread bacteria or germs.

3. Rice Water

From rice water rinses and facial massages, these time-honored Japanese beauty rituals will leave your skin radiant, youthful and soft. Take note of these secrets of Japanese women for skincare success!

Geishas used rice water to lighten and brighten their complexions. Rice grain contains antioxidants which work to boost radiance. Furthermore, its water is both hydrating and contains inositol which may reduce wrinkles.

Rice water has long been used as a hair treatment, even before becoming popular on TikTok with Cardi B’s backing. Rice water cleansing water can be found as part of Inala’s Yu-Su-Ru Shampoo to gently balance scalp pH levels for healthy hair growth and repair damaged ends and boost protein, as well as prevent breakage for healthier, lustrous locks.

4. Green Juice

Japanese aestheticians place great value in overall wellbeing when it comes to skin health, taking a holistic approach that emphasizes hydration and natural ingredients for beauty. Furthermore, they recognize UV radiation’s damaging effects on their skin and advocate for regular face masks or vitamin C supplements for protecting it.

Tsubaki oil, extracted from camellia flowers, is known to gently lighten skin over time and used by geishas as a cleanser. For additional hydration and moisturize, try a face serum infused with hyaluronic acid or glycerin; use a jade roller to massage your face to increase circulation and promote blood flow.

For porcelain-like skin, try incorporating Japanese beauty secrets into your daily skincare regimen. Green tea, rice water and facial massage are surefire ways to improve complexion – don’t forget a high quality sunscreen though! For even more Japanese skincare inspiration visit Mirai Clinical; their products contain Japanese persimmon and green tea extract for optimal skin and hair health.

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