A Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion

A diploma in fitness and health promotion from Humber College places you on the forefront of the healthy revolution. You’ll learn about nutrition, biomechanics, anatomy, and more. You’ll also study recreation management, injury management, and the benefits of exercise. The program’s emphasis on health and wellness goes beyond exercise to address all of these issues. You’ll get practical hands-on experience in fitness and health facilities and work with diverse populations to create healthy environments.

While studying the field, you will develop entrepreneurship, leadership, and marketing skills to help clients achieve their fitness goals. The course also integrates theory with practice and introduces students to the latest gamification software. After graduation, you’ll be prepared to enter the field as a fitness and health consultant. And because there is such a growing demand for qualified fitness professionals, there’s a growing need for those with an educational background in fitness and health promotion.

The field of fitness and health promotion is evolving constantly, responding to new challenges related to healthy aging. A diploma in fitness and health promotion will open the door to a variety of career options. The program prepares students for work in athletic training, health care, or teaching. You’ll learn about health science, exercise prescription, nutrition, and the psychology of behaviour change. And while you’re studying, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning, including an internship in a fitness club.

A diploma in fitness and health promotion from an Ontario college is a prerequisite for entry into a degree program. If you have a diploma in fitness and health promotion from an Ontario college, you’ll need to have a grade 12 English credit. Depending on your training, you may also need a few credits in physical education and senior science. Besides being certified, you’ll be well-prepared to pursue top-notch health and fitness certifications, including Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and many more.

Studies have shown that exercise can help people control their weight. However, many people are not physically active enough to achieve the recommended levels of aerobic and muscle strengthening activities. A multidisciplinary approach to fitness and health promotion is needed to improve health outcomes in the United States. Fortunately, there’s hope. Fitness and health promotion programs are already gaining ground in most communities. The key is to get the word out about the importance of exercise for everyone’s health.

Fitness and health promotion degrees are designed for those interested in physical activity, nutrition, and health. Graduates will have the knowledge and skills to contribute to a “healthy” population and improve the quality of individuals’ lives. The program provides a comprehensive study of fitness and health care provision for children and youth cohorts. Experiential learning through field placements is at the core of this program. You’ll become a professional in fitness and health promotion, and you’ll gain a wealth of practical skills as a fitness trainer.

Students who choose this option are required to complete an internship. Students complete a 320-hour internship that matches their career goals. The internship usually takes place during their senior year. Ideally, the internship will be in the field of their choice. A fitness and health promotion internship should be closely related to the career goals of the student. The internship will be tailored to the interests of the student. The student will spend a minimum of 10 weeks in a physical activity setting before graduating.

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