Can cholesterol-level be tested with lipid-profile test?

High-cholesterol issue is now eating up many nations. This issue can be accurately detected only with the help of lipid profile test. This test has another name called cholesterol or lipid-panel test. When the amount of bad-cholesterol increases in your blood-stream, then the issue of high-cholesterol occurs.

This test is being conducted safely at lab by some experienced specialists. These specialists generate the reports and send them to doctors for proper analysis. Artery hardening or clogging, stroke and heart-diseases are some of the most dreadful consequences of high-cholesterol in body.

Conditions demanding for cholesterol-test:

  • Frequent drinking of alcohol.
  • Leading an absolutely unhealthy or inactive lifestyle.
  • Obesity or overweight condition.
  • Smoking cigarettes randomly.
  • Having heart-disease, diabetes, underactive thyroid-gland or polycystic ovary-syndrome.
  • Having hereditary history of heart-disease or high-cholesterol.

In these conditions, doctors often ask patients to go through this test for getting a clear picture about the cholesterol-level in body. If cholesterol-level is being controlled early then the dreadful impacts can be surely avoided.

Is fasting necessary before having cholesterol-test?

Though many doctors ask patients to fast but in reality fasting is not a compulsion for getting cholesterol-test done. But taking meal just before the test is not allowed rather there should be a proper gap of 9-12 hours otherwise accurate results cannot be acquired. Recent meal might manipulate or alter your triglyceride-amount in blood and this might make the reports much more confusing.

In general, cholesterol-test is mainly scheduled during morning times so that before taking breakfast the test can be completed quickly. After having the test done you can surely have foods without any restriction. The reports need to be collected from lab so that you can produce the same to your doctor. Within the report, both standard or healthy limit and your actual cholesterol-limit will be mentioned.

By tallying the limits only it can be easily know that whether you have high-cholesterol or not and if you have so, then how much the level is higher. The test is quite simple and the patients will not experience any pain at all. At least within 24-hours of the concerned test you should neither have any cigarettes nor any alcohol. Sometimes, the doctors also recommend patients to have a diabetes-test in order to check the sugar-level of blood.

In this case, only blood-test is taken and theextracted sample is sent to lab for conducting the cholesterol-test.Bruising or soreness can be temporarily felt around injected-area but it will disappear soon. You should go to a registered and popular clinic where trained professionals are available for taking cholesterol-test. If the professional taking blood is not professional enough then you might face few hassles.

Cholesterol-reducing drugs sometimes might create acute lower back pain and if you feel so then you should report the same to your doctor so that you can get the best solution. Your doctor might alter the medicines for avoiding this unwanted pain. Sometimes, heart-test also needs to be conducted in order to know the heart-condition. If you have got high-cholesterol since a long time then your heart must have been affected for sure.

Crippling-arthritis might sometimes occur due to high-cholesterol. Though this issue can be temporarily controlled by knee cap but for permanent remedy you have to move to a specialized doctor.

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