How to Protect Your Body from EMFs

We are indeed living in the future. With our houses being entirely populated by electronic devices such as smart TVs, automated lighting systems, and even just the presence of wi-fi routers; technology has become so much part of our day to day lives that we no longer seem to notice that it’s even there.

With the coming of more technological breakthroughs such as VR technology showing how impressively we’ve progressed with motion sensors and interactive viewing options, we should feel equally amazed and alarmed at the fast pace of human evolution and consider the importance of EMF protection.

What are EMFs?

EMFs or electromagnetic fields are a naturally occurring by-product of electrical devices. Though low-level frequencies such as infrared cell phones back in the day were relatively harmless, the more powerful interactions of cell phones nowadays have higher level frequencies. Stronger sources of EMFs are X-ray machines that emit ionising radiation while TV stations and cell towers emit powerful long-reaching radio frequency waves that can affect us from miles away.

EMFs are typically harmless when a few low-frequency waves surround a person, but a collection of droplets of rain can also lead to a storm. Modern studies have shown that the effect of electro pollution or the prevalence of electronic devices emitting EMF around a person could prove to be affecting a person’s body.

How do they affect our bodies?

The body continuously talks to its different parts daily. From regulating hormones to answering a call to clot an injury, the transmission of information allows us to stay efficient and active.

EMFs, even low-level frequencies, are known to interrupt cellular transmission; this specifically ruptures the bonding of calcium ions which are the source of keeping cell membranes stuck together. If cell membranes become easy to permeate, viruses and other toxins will be able to enter our body more efficiently. These calcium ions don’t just disappear when they’ve become unglued from the cell membrane, in fact, they still stay present in the body and can affect your neurotransmitters. These would, in turn, affect how messages are sent to and from the brain which is shown to result in having lapses in memory and lead to slower reaction times.

How to prevent further damage

Thankfully enough, the progression of technology also involves the protection from it. Companies such as offer alternative solutions for EMF protection besides the option of going off the grid.Try to take time off from your devices as much as you can or use only a few devices at a time to prevent overexposure to multiple devices. Staying off the grid can help you keep calm and give focus in your life since you’ll be able to work old-school with some post-its and some whiteboards to deal with your day. On special occasions, try to keep away from the city altogether by taking a trip to the mountains or the beach. De-stressing doesn’t have to come at the price of losing work, and it can also work to your benefit as a vacation.

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