How to Renew Your Health Card

Are you wondering how to renew your health card? If so, you can do so by mail or online through ServiceOntario. If you have lost your renewal reminder, you can always print a new one. You should also check your eligibility for renewal before you apply. Read on to learn more about the renewal process and eligibility requirements. The renewal process usually takes a few weeks, so start early. Make sure to bring a photo ID with you, since you’ll be required to show it when applying for services.

The PEI Health Card is valid for five years. It includes your 8-digit Personal Health Number (PHN), your personal information, and language that you use to request certain medical services. To qualify for a health card, you must live on PEI at least six months plus one day each year. If you do not, you’ll have to pay a fee for services you use. The renewal process can take up to three months.

The renewal process depends on the type of card and the age of the cardholder. Adults and older minors must renew their health card in person, while parents of minors can renew by mail. The first photo OHIP card will expire two to seven years after you apply for it, and subsequent renewals must be done every five years on the anniversary of your birthday. Your residency must also be verified to renew your health insurance.

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