Noninvasive ED Treatment Options

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is more common than many men think and talking to your doctor about it can be difficult and embarrassing. An erection involves a complex reaction between body systems, meaning there can be many underlying causes such as stress, blood pressure problems or physical injury. When you do discuss ED and treatment options with your urologist, he or she may suggest a non-invasive treatment such as pills designed to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow or newer low-intensity shockwave therapy.


There is a promising study on the effects of low-intensity shockwaves on patients with ED and this therapy is gaining popularity as a noninvasive treatment designed to address the underlying causes without surgery. The treatment protocol involves ten-minute sessions for five days in a row and then follow-ups at one month, three months and six months. You can find shockwave therapy at noninvasive ED treatment Flint MI clinics or through clinical trials.


Little blue pills, or other colors by different brands, have long been the go-to for doctors and ED patients alike. These are inhibitors of the PDE5 enzyme found in the walls of blood vessels. Inhibiting this enzyme relaxes the vessels and increases blood flow to certain parts of the body. This treatment option does not work for everyone, however, as some preexisting conditions prohibit their use, and some cannot afford the cost. One of the main reasons doctors are looking for other treatments is that the pills do not address the underlying cause of ED, so you will need to keep taking them to keep getting erections.

When you are looking for a noninvasive treatment for erectile dysfunction, it is a good idea to ask your urologist for the pros and cons of each. Popular pills can get expensive and be a short-term fix for a long-term problem, but you can find newer treatment options like low-intensity shockwave therapy to find one addressing the underlying cause.

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