Proper Care for Aging Parents

Are you caring for an aging parent and in need of assistance? Does your aging parent want to remain self-sufficient, but requires more support than you are able to provide to allow for their desire to be met? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the level of time it takes to care well for your loved one? If so, you are not alone. There are resources available to you including home health agencies Bethesda MD.

Put on Your Oxygen Mask

Caring for loved ones as they age can be meaningful and sweet, but it can also be exhausting. Many people find themselves in need of an occasional break, especially if the need for help increases over time. If you are feeling depleted and running out of steam, please consider some good self-care in the form of a respite plan. Remember, you must put on your oxygen mask first before you can help those for which you provide care. 

Determine Ongoing Needs

When you have had a chance to breathe and replenish, you can then do a needs assessment for your loved one. This requires determining the level of care your loved one requires and your own ability to provide it. Only when this determination is made can you make a plan for what resources are required to move forward. 

Enlist the Help of Others

It is likely that your plan will require the help of others whether that be family members or hired support. Either one is okay. The important piece here is that the skill level and time requirement match the need of your loved one.

Remember, you are not alone. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself, determine what assistance is needed, and seek help. Providing proper care for your aging parent will benefit both them and you.  

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