Say Goodbye to Pain With These Non-Surgical Treatments

Life isn’t always a walk in the park, and everyone who lives in this world is imperfect. This means you won’t go about your days, weeks, months and years ahead without some bumps and bruises along the way. This doesn’t mean you should have to live with intense, chronic pain. If you suffer from ailments to your back, neck or other areas, there is hope for relief, and it doesn’t even need to come from going under the knife. There are non-evasive procedures that can provide you with vitality you’ve been looking for. 

Steroid Injections

Lower-back and leg pain is common, especially for middle-aged people and seniors. Often, it comes because of inflammation. One of the most common ways you can get chronic pain treatment jacksonville fl for these issues is through an epidural steroid injection. This quick procedure helps reduce or even remove this swelling, not just temporarily but for the long term. 

Nerve Blocks

Your nerves send messages throughout your body from one area to the next. When you are injured, the nerves receive the pain, causing you to react and suffer the consequences. Nerve block treatments prevent nerves from receiving these pain signals. Though this will only give you temporary relief from unpleasantness, it can be useful in the short term while you wait for other procedures. 

Radiofrequency Ablations

If you recently had a knee, hip or shoulder replacement, chances are good that you feel some lingering pain and discomfort from the surgery. Using a radiofrequency needle, a doctor will deliver an electrical current to the nerves that are feeling the brunt of these harsh feelings. This stimulation will kill those particular nerves, making it impossible for your brain to receive the pain signals.

If you’re ready for alternative care for your aches and pains, it may be time to try some of these methods. You don’t have to live in agony any longer. 

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