Three Practical Accessories To Step up Your Wardrobe

Some accessories are fun but don’t do much. Bracelets and rings often fall into this category. If you have a hard time justifying expenses that are purely decorative, here are three practical accessories that can improve your wardrobe. 

1. Glasses

It’s no secret that first impressions make a lasting impact — since eyewear sits right on your face, it’s important that it sends the right impression. Glasses Lower Sackville say a lot about a person, and it seems that the aesthetic value of them is almost as important as the vision correction. Half-rim glasses — meaning there isn’t a frame along the bottom of the lens — can feel very professional. Circle spectacles have an old-school, Ivy League feel to them. 

2. Watches

Timekeepers are a major statement piece. A good watch should be a staple for every outfit. Aside from the obvious original intent of telling time, many watches are designed for unique lifestyles, which can be used as a way to tell people a little about yourself. Dive watches have become very popular as part of a classic look. Some watches can track the tides, so if you’re into surfing, this can tip people off to that hobby without you saying a word. 

A great watch is a good conversation piece — you may be surprised how many people strike up a conversation with you when they notice. 

3. Belts

First things first: if you are wearing a leather belt, it should match your shoes — don’t wear a black belt with brown oxfords. Belts are a good centerpiece of an outfit since it divides your top and bottom halves. You can go bold with a buckle, or go webbed to let people know you’re adventurous. 

Your accessories say a lot about you, so make sure you send the impression you want people to have. By knowing which practical accessories to wear, you can find the right pieces to fit your interests. 

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