In what aspects Ayurvedic medicines are different from modern ones?

Both modern and Ayurvedic medicines have their own importance and one cannot tell which is better. One is based on modern quick method while the other is based on the old Vedic and natural methods. So we present a comparison between the two.


The modern medicines consider our every organ and every body part to be distinct whereas the Ayurveda believes that all the parts of the body, the person who is consuming the medicine and its spirit are connected and are same biology answers.

Side Effects

The modern medicines are full of side effects whereas Ayurvedic medicines being natural and herbal have no side effects. They believe in natural methods which are fit for the body.

Natural Treatment

No natural Treatment is available in case of Modern Medicines whereas Ayurvedic medicines made up of natural methods are fully natural.


The modern medicines work on hit and trial method which is evidence-based, whereas the Ayurvedic medicines have their own principles and work on wisdom as Ayurveda has no beginning and no end.


While the modern medicines believe in suppressing the disease, which has the risk of reinfection in future, whereas the Ayurveda believes in letting the disease fully mature while controlling it so that it can be destroyed from the root, and it has minimal risk of having an infection again in the future.

Diet and Lifestyle

Modern medicines believe in just suppressing the present disease and lay no emphasis on lifestyle, whereas the Ayurveda laid very much emphasis on lifestyle and diet. They believe that if a person has a healthy diet and fit lifestyle there is no need of medicines. It keeps you fit spiritually as well.


Modern medicines do not believe in detoxification, whereas the Ayurveda who believe in removing the disease from the root, strongly believe in detoxification i.e. removing the toxins which carry the disease from the body and so eradicating the disease-causing germs from the body.


If one believes in the natural method which has a long-term effect than the quick recovery method which only suppresses the disease temporarily then Ayurveda has a lot to offer.