Massage: An Ancient Medicine In the Modern World

Sufferers from chronic health conditions are always trying new treatments to feel better. For many experimenters, massages have produced surprisingly positive results. From sports medicine to alternative medicine, more and more people are daily discovering the assorted astounding benefits of massage therapy.

Relieve Your Pain

Whether from a serious injury or neural disorder, what wouldn’t you do to diminish months or years of misery. A massage may be able to alleviate the worst of your pain for days, weeks, or longer. Massages are particularly helpful for muscle and joint pain where the source is abnormal tension, a frequent problem around physically damaged areas. Massage is believed to facilitate the flow of endorphins, which act to ease the body’s pain.

Enhance Your Mood

Stress is expressed differently in different people. Unfortunately, some of us seem to physically carry our stresses. On the other hand, it’s true that some people walk out of a massage looking visibly more relaxed than when they went in. One massage is often enough to reduce immediate anxiety in a stressed individual. Combined with appropriate psychological treatment, a steady regimen of massage therapy Holbrook NY can lessen a person’s chronic feelings of anxiety and depression over time. Practically speaking, it figures that regular stress-relieving massages leave anxiety less time to accumulate. From a scientific standpoint, it could be that the sensation of the massage satisfies the basic human need for touch and releases serotonin into the bloodstream.

Improve Your Health

Apart from anxiety and pain relief, massages can have a host of supplementary health effects. Any athlete will be aware of the benefits of massage to the muscles. Decreased muscle tension allows for increased flexibility and improved functionality throughout the muscular system. Secondary effects of massages include a temporary lowering of blood pressure and heart rate, likely due to the reduction of stress levels.

The precise scientific causes for all useful aspects of massage therapy are still being investigated. However, plenty of people already swear by its merits, and evidence suggests we have much more to learn about its full effects on our health.

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