3 Interesting Facts About In-Home Health Care

The CDC reports that nearly 4.5 million people receive in-home health care in the United States annually. The industry continues to experience massive growth, and odds are, this type of care may come in handy someday. Here are three interesting facts about in-home health care that may help guide your decisions in the future. 

In-Home Agencies Can Help With Many Things

At home care Massachusetts isn’t just for elderly people who need help with daily activities. Many people also use these services to help them recover from surgery or to simply run errands or perform tasks that they are unable to do. If you or a loved one needs assistance—regularly or just once in awhile—consider contacting one of these services to see how they can assist.

Home Health Care Is Experiencing Massive Growth

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 1.3 million additional jobs within the homecare field have been added in 2020. The pandemic is partially responsible for the shift to in-home care, but an interest in the comfort and convenience of receiving care at home is also driving this trend. As more people learn that they can recover or receive treatments at home, they are choosing this option. 

Home Health Care Is Affordable

When you think about home health care, odds are that the associated costs cause some worry. However, in most cases, it is actually much more affordable than assisted living or a nursing home facility. There is sometimes financial assistance available for those who qualify, and home health care may be covered by insurance. Before you dismiss it as too expensive, do your research and learn about the true costs.

The in-home care industry is booming and is likely to pick up even more speed in the future. Consider these helpful facts should you ever need in-home assistance.

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