4 Reasons You May Have Blurred Vision

Are you having trouble seeing well? Blurry vision is a very common complaint among people of all ages and medical backgrounds. Although this issue isn’t rare, it’s still important that you understand what’s causing it so you can treat it effectively.

Refractive Problems

If you need vision correction, you may frequently experience blurred vision and trouble focusing. If glasses or contacts aren’t appealing to you, laser eye surgery Harrisburg PA can help correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism in most patients.

Elevated Blood Sugar

When you eat too many sweet foods or beverages in a short amount of time, your overall blood sugar can spike. Sometimes, this can cause blurry vision that usually corrects itself in a few hours. If you think your blurred eyesight is a result of high blood sugar, take a walk and drink plenty of water to return the levels to normal more quickly. If you experience blood sugar spikes and blurred vision often, it may be a sign of diabetes, so be sure to talk with your doctor about your symptoms.

Eye Strain

When your eyes are fatigued, you can experience blurry eyesight and trouble focusing. This is especially common if you spend an extended amount of time:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Looking at a screen
  • Driving, especially at night

Your eyes can also feel tired if you have a headache or after a long day when your body needs rest. Try to give yourself a break whenever possible to reduce eye strain.

Minor Irritation

Allergies, dry eye and even rubbing your eyes frequently can all cause minor irritation that leads to blurry vision. In general, these issues should resolve themselves with some soothing eye drops and a little rest. If problems persist, you may want to talk with your optometrist about your options.

Sometimes, blurry vision can be a symptom of a serious health condition. You should always talk with a doctor if you experience sudden or persistent changes in eyesight, including blurred vision. Regular checkups can help determine the underlying cause for more effective treatment. Yearly examinations can also help detect serious issues early on for a more positive outcome.

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