Increase the Odds for Successful Recovery Through Residential Treatment

The thought of becoming free of a substance abuse problem is nice, but careful thought should be given to the type of treatment program that will work best for your circumstances and personality. Residential treatment programs are more restrictive, but it provides the safe space you need to get a handle on what might be a serious addiction.

Separation From Life Stress

Making the attempt to quit addictive substances on your own, or through an outpatient program does not always work out well for the highly addicted individual. By remaining in the same environment you are dealing with trying to kick the addiction, coupled with the normal stress of life events. Specialized residential treatment facilities in Indiana like Bridges of Hope offer all types of activities to help keep your mind in a positive place to help maintain sobriety.

Safe Environment for Detox

Depending on the type of substance you are using, the length of time you have used, and the amount taken, detox at home can prove a dangerous proposition. The withdrawal symptoms can hit hard and can at times bring about life-threatening medical emergencies. Getting detox through a residential treatment center offers the safety of a staff that understands the detox process and watches out for your health 24/7.

Fewer Opportunities for Immediate Relapse

Situating yourself within the confines of a residential treatment program allows for fewer opportunities to cheat on the program and seek out drugs or alcohol when the day seems rough. The current epidemic of opiate abuse is another good reason to stick to a residential treatment program if this is your substance of choice. The prevalence and low cost associated with heroin on the streets add up to a temptation that is hard to resist.

Help for Withdrawal Symptoms and Cravings

One of the nicest features of having a trained detox and substance abuse treatment staff on hand at all times is the ability to get assistance when withdrawal symptoms and cravings are bad. When needed, there are medications that can be given that help combat some of the bad symptoms associated with substance withdrawal. The team of medical experts will monitor you throughout the treatment process.

Daily Involvement In Counseling

The cessation of taking addictive substances and getting detox out of the way is merely the beginning of recovery. Once your body is rid of the drugs or alcohol, you will need to begin the counseling process. It is how you better determine what led you to begin using addictive substances. With greater understanding, you can learn to avoid the situations and thought processes to stay clean and sober. You can then clearly define your goals for a lifetime recovery.

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Adjustments

Making the decision to get rid of a substance addiction requires commitment and adjustments that are a mix of physical, mental, and emotional change. The structured environment of a residential treatment program will give you the opportunity to make the needed adjustments without the interference of the outside world. It will not seem as overwhelming as an outpatient program. It provides every chance at a successful outcome.

Peer Support and Knowledgeable Staff

The benefits of residential treatment for substance abuse are numerous, but two stand out above the rest. You will have daily interactions with peers that are going through the same things and can readily identify with your struggles. It is always helpful when you know you are not alone. An available staff that also is in tune with the difficulties in reaching and maintaining sobriety all help give you a firm foundation to begin rebuilding your life without the need for addictive substances. You will begin to feel empowered in keeping positive change going.

Improved Physical Health

It cannot be denied that substance use and abuse takes a huge toll on the health of anyone. No one escapes the ill effects of harsh chemicals placed in the body over a long period of time. One of the goals of residential treatment is to begin improving your overall health. The stronger you are physically, the stronger you will be mentally and emotionally. The better you feel, the less apt you are to revert back to drug or alcohol use.

It is true that it helps treatment success for a person to be ready to quit using alcohol or drugs, but choosing the right treatment program also plays a significant role in recovery. If you have any doubts about being able to successfully stay off of drugs and alcohol when involved in an outpatient program, you might want to consider the options available for residential substance abuse treatment.

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