Haven’t got your stem cell therapy done yet???

Before moving ahead let me tell what stem cell therapy is?

Stem cell therapy is a type of treatment which treats various disorders, it can be life threatening or normal. Currently, Stem cell therapy in India is treating 80 plus disorders.

And some common illnesses are blood cancer, Austin, cerebral palsy, thalassemia and many other disorders.

Basically, stem cell therapy is using stem cells to prevent various illness …

First, let me give you the gist about stem cells

Stem cells are those cells which are obtained from person’s blood stream it can be taken from its bone marrow, red blood cells as well as platelets.

These cells help to fight infections. So, stem cell therapy is relatively a new concept and is growing on a faster pace. Slowly and steadily people suffering from above diseases are treating these through stem cell therapy.


Why stem cell therapy?

There are many reasons for stem cell therapy. Some of them are as follows:

The cost of treatment is very reasonable and suits the pocket of the patients. As this treatment starts with $12000 which is very minimum cost to treat any of the life-threatening illness.

The waiting period for doctor’s consultation is maximum 10 days. It can vary from patient to patient. It depends from where patient is coming.

If we look at the conversion period i.e. from therapy to the recovery it is maximum 30 day.

This conversion period totally depends upon the patient’s immune system.

Nowadays, the technology used in stem cell therapy is very advanced. Technology like the diagnosis centres and the labs are working to well in the medical field.



Let me make stem cell therapy clearer from my end…


There are 2 types of stem cell therapy available in India. And, these are:


  1. Autologous stem cell therapy in India: In this type of therapy doctors transplants those stem cells which are obtained from the patients own body. From this therapy, illnesses like type 1 diabetes, brain injury and nerve injuries are cured.
  2. Allogenic stem cell therapy in India: This is another type of therapy which is very common in India. As in here, stem cells are taken from donor’s body and after preserving it for 3-4 days it is injected into the patient’s body. This type of therapy helps to cure diseases like blood cancer, thalassemia and many more.


Let us see what the cost of stem cell therapy is???

Here, is a chart which will clear all your doubts about the cost of treatment and and the country preference.

I think the above made clear all your doubts related to the stem cell therapy cost.


Now, the question arises why people choose their stem cell therapy in India?

People prefer India for stem cell treatment because India is more affordable in terms of cost of living for those people who come to India from other countries to get their treatments done.

Some of the major reasons for choosing India are:

The main reason for choosing India is, here the cost of living is much low as compared to other countries.

The doctors here in India are available at comparatively low cost. And also, the time for consulting them is minimal.

The accommodation facilities which India provides is reasonable and available at low price.

Because of advance technology India and its doctors are becoming pioneers in medical field.

Now if we see statistics the result drawn from stem cell therapy in India is 100%, which means India is growing and developing in the field of medical.

Apart from this, people from other countries prefer India because of its conversion rate. As the conversion rate from dollar to Indian currency is very low.


You must be thinking how stem cell therapy is done…

So, here is the procedure

Step 1:Consultation– First step is consult the doctor for the treatment and plan the whole stem cell therapy.

For international patient: one needs have the medical visa and passport ready so that on early basis one can take appointment from the doctor. Once the appointment part is done, patients consult the doctor on early basis to start their treatment.

For national patient: they need take the decision as, for which therapy they are going for.

Step 2:Surgery Preparation – Once the patient is consulted, the doctor gives him/her advice whether they should go for therapy. If they are going for allogenic therapy then need to have the donor ready.

Step 3: Initial practise– Initially, hikmens are inserted in patient’s body, and all the medicines are injected through it. This is one of the important surgery which is done by the surgeons.

Step 4: stem cell transplant– after the insertion of hikmens stem cells are injected into the patient’s body. In case of allogenic therapy, stem cells obtained from donor’s body is injected into the patient’s body.

Step 5: recovery– after the above steps, the patient is observed regularly and doctor checks that, patient is recovering fast.

Step 6: Follow up-Every week the check up is done and the doctor takes follow up of the patient on regular basis. He checks that the stem cells are working.


By now, you must be clear about what stem cells are and how they can heal the diseases. Hence, I conclude this article by saying, “where there are stem cells there is cure”.


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