How to Prepare for IV Therapy

Many healthcare providers are turning to infusion therapies for their patients, as it is can be a more efficient treatment of chronic illnesses than a typical oral prescription. With this process, medication is administered by a needle directly into a patient’s arm. The medication, antibiotics, or hydration solution is absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream, providing faster relief. Some of these therapies are done in a treatment center, though ambulatory infusion services Chicago IL citizens have access to is are growing in popularity. If you have been prescribed this form of treatment, here is how you can be best prepared.

Follow Your Physician’s Instructions

There are some medications or infusions that will require extreme hydration before it is administered, and others may have a particular diet or supplemental medication that needs to be taken. When a doctor sends a referral for the treatment, both the clinic staff and your physician will tell you how to prepare for the therapy.

Make a List of Questions

For people with fears of needles, infusion therapy may bring a lot of concern and questions. Write down any questions you have and reach out to the clinic or facility where your therapy will be done. They can explain the whole process, any potential side effects, and ways to calm your nerves.

List Your Medications

Let the clinic staff know of any medications and supplements you may be taking. This includes prescriptions and any over-the-counter drugs. A complete list can make it easier for the staff to identify a potential adverse reaction from mixing medications that don’t pair well together.

Dress Comfortably

Before the injection is administered, the healthcare professionals will take and record your vital signs. Loose-fitting clothing makes it a lot easier. You will always want to dress in a way that helps you feel more relaxed.

Infusion therapies could bring relief to your medical concerns. If you are nervous about the experience, reach out to your doctor’s office or the clinic staff.

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