Impact of stress on dental health

We all have heard about how stress affects our health and mental fitness, but what most of us don’t know is that stress affects our dental health too. For all of us, our smile is precious and we always want to have a big smile on our face. Stress for most of the people is a way to react to things which causes pressure and demand. Stress causes depression and migraine usually, but eventually, it takes a toll on our oral health. We fail to understand that small day to day problems which make us irritable like waiting in the queue, traffic jam, work pressure, financial problem etc. can affect our dental health badly.

There is a strong connection between stress and an oral problem which is still very uncommon to us. Increased level of stress can affect our eating pattern which is the main reason behind oral problems. Consuming junk food, alcohol, carbonated drinks, sugar, and caffeine can definitely affect your dental health. Cortisol is a hormone which is released at the time of elevated level of stress to reduce the inflammation of the body. As the level increases, our body starts producing acid in our mouth which is a suitable environment for bacteria to grow. This growth can, in turn, lead to various oral diseases like tooth decay, gum problem, infection etc.

Some major oral problems which are caused due to stress are;

Bruxism- it is a very common problem which involves grinding or clenching of the jaws. It usually happens when one is asleep. It can wear off your enamel and can make your teeth weak.

Canker sores- It is another problem which is caused by stress. Biting cheeks and brushing aggressively because of stress can cause canker sores in your mouth.

Unhealthy oral hygiene – Stress can distract you from performing important day to day things like brushing your teeth twice a day. Improper oral hygiene can cause tooth decay and other dental problems.

Gum diseases- It is observed that people who are stressed are more prone to gum diseases like dental plaque and gingivitis. Gingivitis is basically bleeding gums because of long-term stress.

Dry mouth- It is a side effect of medicine, which is consumed by people suffering from stress. It is not a major problem but can become one.

So, it is essential for us to understand that oral hygiene is very important if we want to smile without any hesitation and prevent any dental problem. Regular visits to the dental clinic can be very helpful for our oral hygiene.