Know More About NHS Prescriptions And Their Uses

The repeated NHS prescriptions are available for people from chemist 4 u. These prescriptions are available for patients with long term conditions. This service helps people in managing their medication in a way that it saves time while being efficient. With the help of this service, people can reduce the number of times that they will have to go and visit the doctor unnecessarily in order to get the same prescription for the same ailment time and again. As the service comes with the option of home delivery, the patient will not even have to go to the pharmacy to get his medication. The medicines will be delivered to the home of the patient. This service is done without incurring any extra charges to the person thus reducing the burden of the person to a great extent. So, people can forget visiting the pharmacy with an online NHS prescription service.

Process that is to be followed

In order to be able to use these services a person should first open an account with chemist 4 u. This is just a simple process and then the patient can get started with purchasing his medication without any delay. By just logging into the account a person has to click on the prescription button if he/she wishes to get started. The people who have not opened an account already can just visit the website and click on the registration button to own an account. The prescriptions that are given online are charged with a prescription fee that is similar to what is given in the hospitals. The patient will then have to send out the prescription form after filling out the details. This form can be sent by the free post envelope service that is also provided by chemist 4 u. the company aims at processing all the prescriptions that they receive and dispense them within a period of 24 hours. The medicine of the account holders will be sent through the royal mail tracked 24. It is the duty of the person who has ordered for the medication to make sure that he/she is available at the preferred location during the time of delivery. The tracking number is also sent via text to the account holders if at all they want to track their orders. This can be done only if the person provides their phone number when filling out the form.

People who have the use of repeated prescriptions can check if they qualify for an exemption of the prescription charges as they will have to get their prescription regularly at short intervals.  When a person sends the prescription form, it is very important to send the payment along with it. If the person is exempted of any prescription charges, the proof of it should be sent along with the form.

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