What Is Adult Foster Care?

A simple definition of adult foster care is that it provides home-based care to an adult who would otherwise struggle to do so on his or her own. Adult foster care service Massachusetts can provide essential services to the elderly and adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities while granting them maximum autonomy.

What Adult Foster Care Provides

The types of assistance offered and the frequency of care is largely tailored to the needs of the resident. For example, someone with substantial day-to-day needs will require much more attention than another patient who just needs a daily checkup. Most caregivers provide the following services: bathing, dressing and grooming; cleaning, household chores and toileting; assistance with meals and errands and managing resident medications.

Registration Requirements

Depending on the client’s needs and daily living requirements, care can be provided either in-home or in at an adult foster care home. Caregivers can be assigned, or a family member may be able to provide care while receiving compensation from the state government. Clients moving into an adult foster care home may need to sign a resident agreement that will lay out the guidelines, terms and costs of the facility.

Differences From Assisted Living

While similar to assisted living and nursing homes, adult foster care differs in three key areas. First, adult foster care is, on average, the cheaper option of the three. Second, adult foster care facilities typically house fewer clients than nursing homes, resulting in more personalized care and attention. Third, living with fewer people allows for a more seamless integration into the surrounding community, resulting in valuable social interaction that an isolated nursing home may not provide as easily.

The personal care of you and your loved ones is of the highest importance. That is why finding the best option for those who rely upon specialized care requires further research. Visit a facility or talk to a caregiving provider to find out if an adult foster care service is the right option.

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