Brushing Along Is Not Enough

Even the best home dental hygiene will never match up to a cleaning at a dental office. If you brush and floss twice a day, you still need to schedule regular cleanings with your dentist. Here are four reasons why you need to look for professional dental cleaning Vero Beach FL.

Scaling Is Not Done At Home

It might not be a favorite item, but the hooked scraper used in a dental office is unique and important. Use of this tool is called “scaling” and removes both plaque and tartar. This is important because both substances damage your teeth over time and home techniques only remove plaque.

You Cannot See Your Whole Mouth

Whether you are reaching the back of your teeth is often taken on faith. The mirror in your bathroom can only show you so much, it is at a dental cleaning that someone can get a look at all angles of your teeth. Even if you have mirrors like this, you are not likely looking at the internal structure of your teeth.

A Cleaning Includes Whole Mouth Health

When you go to a dental cleaning Vero Beach FL, your dentist and hygienist will take x-rays and check your gums. These are not done at home and require special tools. An x-ray can find issues such as impacted teeth and cavities before they become major problems.

Dental History Can Point Out Other Issues

Regular cleanings also means your dentist will develop a record of your teeth. This record can include how your mouth has changed over time. This knowledge can point out whether or not you will need veneers, implants or dentures.

Because dental offices have tools you do not have at home, there are many benefits to regular dental cleaning. Scaling and x-rays are important to your long-term dental health. No matter your level of home hygiene, you should see your dentist twice each year.

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