Different Types of Dental Services

Maintaining oral health is an important part of your general health as well. Many people don’t realize that how you take care of your oral health can also impact many other aspects of your well-being too, including self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Fortunately, you can go to a dentist Carrollton Texas so you can get the treatment you need. There are different services to cater to your different needs. Here are some that you can expect. 

General Dentistry

This refers to the most basic types of services being offered by a dental service. It usually includes general teeth cleaning, fillings, extractions, and gum care. If your oral health is pretty much on the good side, then your appointment at the dentist shouldn’t have to take very long, and can be maintained to the usual two sessions a year. 

Keeping up with this schedule is a good way to maintain your health because it allows your dentist to stay on top of your actual oral health. Any plaque or tartar buildup, can be immediately spotted, and thus addressed, helping you avoid bigger problems later on.


This specialization involves taking care of issues affecting not just your teeth but also their structure in your mouth, and even the jaw. If you need to wear braces, retainers, or assistive splints for your TMJ rehabilitation, for example, this is the type of dental service you’ll need. 

Unlike general dentistry, orthodontics requires taking a closer look at your dental formation. This requires the use of a dental x-ray machine to see any anomalies within the gums. The orthodontist will then sort out a treatment plan based on their findings. 

Treatment plans for orthodontics dentistry usually take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. You should expect to have more frequent visits with your dentist for adjustments, follow-ups, and more. 

Female patient receiving professional dental operation from dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has more to do with ensuring you have a good-looking smile. The services offered are full and varied. From simple teeth whitening to dental implants, your cosmetic dentist can help you regain the confidence you may have lost because of bad teeth.

Just because it’s called “cosmetic”, however, does not mean it’s necessarily an easier or simpler method of dealing with oral health. Like orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry requires taking a closer look at the situation, especially if implants are going to be involved. It’s invasive in a sense, after all, which is why they need to make sure the patient can be a viable candidate for it before doing the procedure. 

All in all, it’s good to stay on top of your oral health. Don’t hesitate to go to your dentist to get your oral issues treated promptly.

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