Kindness Matters Even More in the Time of COVID

The pandemic is taking its toll on people. Many are becoming sick or losing loved ones. Even more are, understandably, experiencing a sense of loss and feeling isolated, anxious and depressed. Humans are social creatures, and there are very real consequences when people cannot get together with friends or hug family members who live outside of the household. Even in all of this, the world has witnessed incredible acts of retail kindness, or the type of kindness that is spread from individual to individual.

Why Kindness Matters Now

Kindness is not just good for the recipient of the action; it is good for the giver as well. Engaging in acts of kindness makes people happier and healthier. It makes a person feel more connected. At a time when large sectors of the population are feeling unhappy, disconnected and powerless, being kind is one way to turn the tide on those emotions.

What You Can Do

At a time when there are so many barriers to contact, it might seem like there is little you can do in the way of kindness for others. However, not all acts need to be grand, nor do they need to involve close contact. Here are some examples:

  • Donate to the local food bank.
  • Call someone whom you know lives alone, just to chat.
  • Purchase pet food for the fur family of someone in need.
  • Smile at the people you see in your neighborhood or at the store.
  • Thank the cashier for the invaluable service they provide during this time.

You might not be able to solve all the problems COVID has caused, but you can make a difference. Your good deed can make someone else’s day, and they, in turn, are more likely to pass the kindness along to another in need. Everybody wins when you practice kindness with others.

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