How Do You Gain Access to Medical Cannabis in Chicago?

Illinois has recently joined the 31 states that allow the use of medical cannabis for the treatment of certain disorders or diseases. This groundbreaking legislation comes on the heels of calls throughout the country to legalize different strains of the plant for medicinal purposes. If you believe cannabis might help your condition, how do you gain access to it?

A Doctor Must Recommend Cannabis

The legislative guidelines are clear. You cannot just walk into a dispensary and order up medical cannabis in Chicago. To qualify for the drug, you must first apply online to obtain a medical cannabis card. You can only be eligible for the treatment if a doctor recommends it for you. You must have received a doctor’s approval within three months of applying to get the card.

Fill Out Applications for You and a Designated Representative

Depending on your condition, you may not always be able to get to the dispensary to pick up the drug. Therefore, while you are filling out your application as the intended recipient, you should also fill out a companion representative one. This will allow you to appoint one person who will be entrusted with getting the medication for you. You will pay a fee for both applications and send in relevant supporting documents and items, such as passport photos and proof that you need a caregiver. Note that the application fees may be discounted if you are a veteran or disabled.

Choose a Dispensary

A medical cannabis card is not portable and may not be used everywhere the product is sold. Instead, when you fill out your application, you will have to choose the place you want to get the drug from. Note that this may be changed with a modification process, but if possible, you want to get it right the first time.

After submitting all the required documentation, you can print a temporary authorization card allowing you to get the drug sooner. Applying for a medical cannabis card is a process that has been made to be as easy and painless as possible.

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