Can You Turn To a Chiropractor for Vertigo Treatment?

Do you live in fear of losing your balance? Do you have an overwhelming sense of dizziness whenever you stand up? Do your ears ring and eyes have difficulty focusing? Do you often suffer overwhelming fatigue?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, you could be a victim of vertigo. Nearly one of every 10 Americans suffers from an episode of vertigo on any given day. After the age of 40, expect to experience vertigo at least once. And for those of us over 60, falls resulting from vertigo attacks can be deadly.

In other words, chronic vertigo isn’t a condition to ignore. Because it may stem from any of several underlying causes, however, diagnosing vertigo should be left to a qualified medical professional such as a chiropractor for vertigo . Only then can appropriate treatment be determined.

What Causes Vertigo?

Almost all vertigo arises from any of several underlying spinal, head or inner-ear issues. They include:

  • Fall- or whiplash-related spinal damage
  • Misaligned vertebrae in the neck
  • Severe tension or migraine headaches
  • Inadequate blood flow to the brain
  • Inner-ear damage from injury, chronic infection or medication

But, after your condition has been diagnosed, should you turn to a chiropractor for vertigo treatment? Most definitely! Why?

Most of the conditions that cause vertigo do it by interrupting the nerve impulses flowing between your brain and spine. These are the same signals that maintain our balance. When they’re not flowing smoothly, dizziness results.

Chiropractic Vertigo Treatment

Studies have shown that many vertigo sufferers also experience limited range of neck movement in their necks. Misaligned neck vertebrae are interfering with the flow of blood in their signals to their spines and inner years.

By gently adjusting your spinal column, a chiropractor restores your neck vertebrae’s natural alignment. As your spine and brain start communicating normally again, vertigo disappears!

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