How to Sleep Better

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night, wake up groggy or both? Human beings spend one third of their lives sleeping, and high-quality sleep is essential to maintaining good mental and physical health. Read on for some suggestions to improve your sleep.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you have a reason to suspect that there are medical reasons for your struggles to wake up well-rested, bring up your concerns with your doctor. Heavy snoring, for example, can be indicative of trouble breathing, and your doctor will be able to prescribe medication or recommend another course of action for snoring treatment Plano TX.

Make Sure Your Bedroom Is Cool and Dark

Studies have shown that it is best to sleep in a cool, completely dark room. The optimal temperature for sleep varies from person to person, but it is a good idea to aim for approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit. In warmer months, a fan will help to keep your bedroom cool (and provide the additional benefit of white noise). Wearing an eye mask, installing blackout shades and covering or hiding electronics are all effective ways to make a room darker.

Implement a Bedtime Routine

Help your body and mind transition into sleep mode by establishing a routine that includes calming activities. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour to wind down before the time that you intend to be asleep, and fill them with low-stress activities such as reading a book, drinking tea, knitting or drawing. Avoid using electronics if you can, since the blue light they emit suppresses melatonin production.

Going without good-quality sleep can lead to a host of health problems. If you are finding yourself tossing and turning in the night and feeling exhausted when your morning alarm goes off, it is well worth the time and energy to investigate the cause and implement a solution.

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